The Lynda Raino Project

Martial Media profiles modern dance icon Lynda Raino. Copyright Martial Media.


  1. …..beautiful…..just like Lynda

    Holly Bright on 07 September 11, 11:58pm
  2. I studied Graham and Ballet with Lynda in the early 1970′s… she helped get me into York University in the dance program.. ..she is a beautiful soul…. she has inspired me to continue to dance , at 57 , I still dance .. ballet and Flamenco…

    Christine Swift on 08 September 11, 12:27am
  3. She’s one of Victoria’s treasures.

    Tim Gosley on 08 September 11, 3:16am
  4. She is our Number One–thanks Phillip and Leanne!

    david roland on 08 September 11, 7:13am
  5. Gosh..good to see you..clearing webs of memories..

    susan on 28 September 11, 1:44am
  6. A privilege to call her our own! Thank you Lynda for all you do (and have done) for the dance community ~you are loved, respected and appreciated. And thank you Martial Media for this beautiful short film, you really capture the magic of Lynda and the studio. Well done!

    lori dewet on 11 March 12, 4:28am
  7. [...] it really is a landmark in this town. We did a short film showcasing Lynda Raino last year – click here to view. And actually, CVV was born out of that studio – it’s where Phil and I met and started [...]

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