Spin – Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival 2010

Spin - Fringe 2010

Spin - Fringe 2010

By Don Webster
A New Vic Theatre Co. Production

Unfortunately I can’t say very many good things about Spin. I found it dry, slow, and a strange choice for the Fringe. It’s not that I have to relate directly to every performance I attend, but in the absence of pure entertainment I always look for some kind of relevance. Presented at this level, a satirical play about state politics in the Southern United States just didn’t do much for me. And I’m afraid I wasn’t alone. To be fair, there were a few laughs in the audience. But there were a lot of blank faces too.

I’m not exactly sure what went wrong. I’ve read some good things about the script itself online, and I’ve seen most of this cast in other shows and loved them. It could just be that the bar at this year’s Fringe is so high, that this production paled in comparison… or maybe The New Vic Theatre Co. needs a little more time to polish things up and give it another go… or maybe it was all of the forced profanity that just seemed so out of place. Calm talking, calm talking, F*CK!!! …huh?

Sorry guys, I just can’t get behind this show at this time.  Love ya… but Spin? Not so much.

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  1. I totally agree… especially about the forced profanity. I found that in a few shows and I’m not sure if they’re trying to make the shows more “adult” but it really doesn’t work. It’s only awkward and unnecessary.

    Claire on 31 August 10, 4:25pm

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