Gonads & Gametes (PODCAST) – Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival 2010

Jeff Leard in Gonads and Gametes

By Jeff Leard
Active Salad Productions

And now for something completely different. The way these reviews typically come into being goes something like this. Leanne and I go to a show. I take some notes on paper during the performance. We go someplace after the show and record a conversation on my blackberry or her ipod to capture our thoughts while they are still fresh in our minds. I take the whole lot away and come up with a draft. Leanne edits. We pass it back and forth a bit and voila. Done. This time we ended up recording our customary conversation just outside the venue in my car. We joked afterwards about just posting the recording then thought hmm… what if we actually did that this time? What if we posted our raw reactions, unedited and uncut. How would people react to that? Well, let’s find out. The sound quality isn’t too bad really, just turn the speakers up a bit. Forgive the croaky voices. We were up last night till 5am working on last night’s coverage :) Let us know what you think of this concept on our Facebook page or Twitter: @cultvultvic

LISTEN TO THE REVIEW HERE: Gonads and Gametes PODCAST – Fringe 2010

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L and Jeff Leard face off – Fringe 2010

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  1. Loved Gonads and Gametes. What a fresh laugh it gave me. I could not stop my grin and laugh. A good dose of laughs is what more people need in today’s society. Jeff was superb with all the characters and even though there was no props nor backdrop, I could envision everything that he was in and was. I want to see more of his acts and wish him all the best. He reminded me a little of Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam. Slick, Talented and Funny.

    Anna Childress on 02 September 10, 11:19pm

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